About Emma Howden

So, I’m plodding through life thinking I’m nothing special, in fact I’ve been thinking I probably fall well below the special line so why bother putting my life out there for the world to see?

1. It’s part of my healing, growing, follow my dreams process.

2. it’s amazing how many other people can relate to my struggles, or laugh at them (either way it’s a positive).

3. I thought I’d give writing a crack.

Mostly, I hope you enjoy.

Lots of love x

2 Responses to About Emma Howden

  1. JoLa now JoMa says:

    Enjoying it sana my little vego-mate… Get it like vegemite but vego-mate? Xxx

  2. dreampursuit says:

    You’re hirarious! I promise to continue with the blogs if you agree to keep those witty jokes coming. Glad you are enjoying x

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